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Protect Your Employees and Productivity From Air Pollution

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Air pollution can harm your employees and their family members and make them sick. Increased absenteeism can lead to drop in productivity and impact your revenues. If you cannot offer your employees a work from home option, here are the next best things you can do as an responsible and caring employer.

Sip on Protective Drinks: It is very important to keep hydrated, when pollution is high. Add an extra protective punch by offering employees the option of water infused with Panch Tulsi Drops throughout the day. Tea lovers can sip herbal ginger and tulsi tea 2 to three times a day.

Speak To Your Employees about the Power of Herbal Super Protectives: Herbs like Pippali, Guduchi, Purhkarmool and Vibhakti fruit are very useful to fight the effect of pollution. Have a spoonful 2-3 times a day. These herbs are known to clear airways, and protect you from the disruptive effect of air pollutants.

Purify Office Air With Plant Air purifiers: Some indoor plants are scientifically proven to help reduce air pollution. These include Spider plants, Golden Pothos, Chinese evergreen. These plants also add beauty to your office. Make your office environment pleasant with plenty of these plants.

Clean AC filters and Install Natural and Electric Air Purifiers: If the pollution is severe, install a natural air purifier consisting of Activated Charcoal or install a reputed mechanical air purifier. This will ensure employees feel comfortable working in the office.

Provide Masks for Commutes: The best gift for your employees in this pollution season is a good quality mask, which keeps the polluting particles out such as – PM 2.5 and N99 Mask. You could also install mobile air purifiers in cars and company transport. Make sure that your employees arrive at the office protected from the toxic pollution.

Do you want to provide a Personal Pollution Protection Guide to Your employees? Request a copy at


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