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Be a part of India's Pioneering Virtual Hospitals

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Grow your practice and enhance revenues with us

Join Heylth Hospitals Panel of your specialty to:

  • Get new patient referrals 

  • Offer new in-demand services 

  • Improve outcomes for your patients

Find out how we can add value to your practice


Healthcare is changing, secure your practice now

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Heylth assures practice growth by:

  • Countering corporate/online competition

  • Enhancing your online visibility

  • Free patient engagement programs 

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Created by Doctors for the benefit of Doctors

Making medical practice great again :

  • No doctor comparison like online portals

  • No commissions for patient referral

  • Fully compliant with medical ethics 

Find out how we can add value to your practice

Free to join and limited slots in each area

Build a long term trusted relationship:

  • No hidden charges or expenses 

  • Limited panelists in each area

  • Association value grows with time

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