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Protect Your Wealth During Bad Health

Check Your Health Insurance With H.I.Shield

Every person's health is different and so are the terms of every insurance policy. The HI- (Health Insurance) Match is a tool that matches your insurance to your health condition and recommends the right cover

Indian Executives Flat - Heylth (3)-min.

Avoid claim rejection

Make sure you get the money!

Avoid paying out of your pocket due to claim denials or inadequate coverage

When you take so much care to select the right doctor for your health, why not use an expert to check if your health insurance is Ok for you?

Activate H.I. Shield in 3 easy steps


Upload Your Health
Insurance Policy and

Answer a Few Questions


Get a Report on Policy Match With Your Health Hospital and Money Needs


Make Changes Smartly To Protect Your Wealth 

During Bad Health 

Time To Check Is Now, Later Might Be Too Late!

H.I. Shield finds out the prominent exclusions from your health policy, and checks If the terms and coverage are appropriate for your likely health risks. Make changes when you are healthy. You might not be able to change after a health problem is discovered.

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