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Heylth Virtual Hospitals is a USA and India based healthcare provider, with a majorly online mode of treatment. Our mission is to bring the best levels of healthcare to every individual virtually using the knowledge of medicine and cutting edge technology.

We provide treatment and second opinions for more than 200 medical conditions to patients with minimal, if any need to visit a doctor or test center in person.

The Heylth hospital network comprises of physicians, specialists, partner hospitals and diagnostic centers. They are backed by strong IT and project management teams.

Who Needs Heylth?

We primarily treat non life threatening or chronic care conditions that do not require emergency care in normal course of treatment.

Our Second Opinions practice helps patients get an expert reassurance on the need and cost of risky or expensive treatments, including surgeries, diagnostics or procedures. It also connects patients with the doctors and hospitals with the best expertise and resources to treat their condition.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We aim to improve treatment outcomes and enhance patient health beyond conventional management through our Total Care approach to treatment.

This approach involves activating all the levers of treatment to their maximum potential and not just limit to the medical prescription. We focus on patient counseling, therapeutic grade diet modification and impactful supplements.

Every patient is monitored for improvement through our proprietary AI backed tracking system. This allows us to identify components of the treatment that work well as those that do not and provide real time feedback to the treating doctor.

Heylth Management

The management team of Heylth is a synergistic mix of medical doctors, IT and management professionals.

The founders worked for the Apollo Hospital group, Some of top Clinical research and pharmaceutical companies in India and the USA before coming together to apply their knowledge of the health  care and pharmaceutical industry to start Heylth Virtual Hospitals.

Need more information about our founders or organizational structure? Feel free to write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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