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Medical Problem? Get Reassured With An Expert Second Opinion 

About 5.2 Million medical errors occur in India, every year. Get detailed insights and peace of mind with an expert opinion*

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Let's identify the 'right' expert for your condition 

Our scientific expert identification process uses 20+ parameters to identify the doctors with significant expertise and success in treating relevant conditions   

Virtual Admission
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1. Sign up to get relevant information with first step 


2. Select a package for an expert's appointment

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3. Consult the expert and get questions answered


4. Continue treatment from new or existing doctor

More than 50 health conditions are covered. Click on a condition to start an online second opinion process

Knee Pain
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Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Period Problems

Reinterpret Your USG, X-Rays, CT Scans and MRIs 

Up to 30% of all radiology reports may have errors.# Get an expert radiologist assisted by latest technology to review your reports and confirm the diagnosis

Fully online process, expert radiologists on call

Sign up to upload your scan or courier it to us 

An expert radiologist will review the scan and findings

Speak to the radiologist and understand the report


Get The Heylth Insurance Shield

Millions of people end up paying hefty medical bills despite having health insurance. Protect your wealth from insurance failures with a customised support shield 


Second Opinion On Insurance
Matching your insurance to your health condition

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