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Grow your practice through Heylth referrals

Heylth virtual hospitals admits patients for preventive health and non-emergency,  disease management programs in different medical specialties.


Patients joining these programs receive consultation from doctors in our panel.

Join the Heylth Doctors' panel

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How to get started with Heylth patient referrals

Understand Heylth programs and complete consultation contract

  • Create a profile and join the Doctors Panel in your specialty 

  • Attend a short briefing session on Heylth programs in your specialty

  • Set your consulting fees and sign off contract

Start receiving referral offers, accept based on your availability

  • Heylth refers a patient to you, shares their History and program details

  • Information Is shared with you online or via WhatsApp

  • Set up an appointment with the patient

Consult with the patient and receive fees

  • Patient visits you at your Clinic or 'meets you' Online

  • Discuss health history with the patient and initiate Heylth program

  • Receive consultation fees from Heylth 

Provide Heylth services to your existing patients

  • Know the Heylth services (e.g. Foodscription) in your specialty and their costs

  • Mention the service required on your prescription, and refer patient to Heylth

  • We will brief you about your professional time required for processing the service

Patient Uploads Prescription

Your patients can upload their prescription online or through our WhatsApp helpline. 

We send them a form to collect relevant details and make payment

Clinical Co-relation Session

We design the service for each patient based on your prescription.


Service details for patients's health condition discussed with you in a paid clinical co-relation session with us

Approve the Service

Service provided to your patient with a copy to you.


Your patient can start utilising the service on your approval

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