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Make a healthy start now

Improve Health, Protect Wealth

To start upload your health check report or a doctor's prescription or create health profile 

With just two simple steps

Fulfil your health needs with a Foodscription


Check health insurance match with HI-Doc

What Are Your Health Needs?

Know them? Get help to fulfil them naturally


Not sure? Let us help you choose the right ones

All you need to do is to upload your health check report or a doctor's prescription or create health profile to get started


Activate Heylth in 3 easy steps

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Upload Your Health
Reports or Fill Up

our Health Form


Receive Your Personal Foodscription & Special

Health Offers

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Receive Your Health Insurance Report, Get Medicines at Lower Cost

Check Your Health Insurance Match With HI-Doctor

Every person's health is different and so are the terms of every insurance policy. The HIDoc (Health Insurance Doctor) is a tool that matches your insurance to your health condition and recommends the right cover

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Avoid claim rejection

when you need the money!

An Underpowered Health Policy May Fail You When You Need It The Most!

When you take so much care to select the right doctor for your health, why not use an expert to check if your health insurance is Ok for you?

 Achieve your health goals with a Foodscription 

A medical research based selection
of foods and natural products, personalised for your health condition

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 Can a Foodscription Help Improve your Medical Condition?

Foods have a powerful healing effect. 
Medicines along with the right foods and herbs can help you get healthier

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