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The Natural Way To Protect Your Health

Young Doctor

Have a Doctor's Prescription? Get a Matching Foodscription

Foodscription is a medical research based report of diet interventions and natural products to take along with your medicines, to heal better

If you do not have prescription please

upload a pic of all your medicines

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Prevention is Easy, Cure Is Painful

Heylth identifies your health risks using data from reputed medical research, so that you can start natural and easy preventive measures right away

Identify more than 30 health risks at early stage


Start protecting yourself with a Foodscription

Takes less than 2 minutes to get started



Predict Heart Disease

Had a health check recently? Upload your report to identify early risks, and take natural preventive action

 Achieve your health goals with a Foodscription 

Want to lose weight? Need to stop hair fall? Unable to sleep well? Feeling weak and stressed out? Get relief from minor health issues with a Foodscription  


Get Started with just two simple steps

Select your Health Goals and upload basic info


Get a Foodscription to reach your Health Goals

More From Heylth

Health needs change with your age 

Exotic Food Bowl

Get what your health needs with Foodscription

All you need to do is to answer a few 

simple questions to get started



Make a healthy start now 

Not sure about what should be your health goals? Connect with us to get health goals, as per your age

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