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Build your reputation and engage with new patients with Health Talk

A forum where doctors and healthcare experts share their knowledge in a way that non –medicos can understand.


Millions of people search for health information online. Let them benefit from your advice.

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How does it work?

Getting on Health Talk is very simple.


1. Write an article, talk about a health topic or record a video on your cell phone.


2. Upload it online or send it through our WhatsApp channel.


3. We will publish it on your profile and the world will start noticing it.

Health Talk is rewarding personally and professionally

Experience the joy of helping the society

Every person who reads or watches your contribution moves a step closer to good health

Build your reputation far and wide

Share your knowledge with millions of Heylth visitors from USA, India and 50 countries across the world

Engage with current & future patients

Potential patients can look up your profile and contact you to take the discussion further

Build your reputation and patient base with Heylth Talk

Upload articles, audio recordings or videos on health topics to reach millions of people searching for health information online.

Build your reputation and attract new patients 

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