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Total Protection (TpT) Plan

Enhance Your Care, With Your Current Doctor

We will work with your existing doctor to complement their prescription with structured nutritional and lifestyle changes, to give your health Total Protection (TpT)

Have a Doctor's Prescription? Sign up for Total Protection (TpT)

Total Protection (TpT) is a medical research based package of diet modifications and natural products to take along with your medicines, to help you recover faster and better

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If you do not have prescription please

upload a pic of all your medicines

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1. Upload your prescription

to request TpT plan


2. We create a TpT plan for your health condition 

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3. Speak to your doctor and start with the TpT plan

Just Prescription May Not Offer Complete Protection

Medical research in to a number of health conditions shows that a structured diet and lifestyle modification and supplements can improve treatment outcomes. Many doctors may not have the time, facilities or the expertise to offer these. We can work with your doctor to offer you the missing protection.

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