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Heylth WhatsApp-min.png is your 'natural' protection against health problems and their financial implications.

Heylth is a health risk management company that protects your health and wealth. We use technology to Predict health risks and help you take preventive action by:

  • Suggesting therapeutic diet interventions and natural products to protect you from disease or manage your health condition better to prevent complications (Foodscription). 

  • Insurance claim denials or inadequate coverage can wipe out your savings due to high hospital bills. We match your insurance with your health risks to recommend the right cover (H.I. Match).

Who Needs Heylth?

Everyone who agrees that prevention is better than cure needs Heylth. Medical research has shown that foods and natural products have a great influence in reducing health risks and controlling disease. We make it easy for you and your loved ones to identify your health risks and get protection with a Foodscription.

Every year millions of people in the USA and India are driven to poverty due to high healthcare costs and inadequate insurance. Health Insurance is complex and has many exclusions. We check your health insurance and help you close the gaps with H.I Match, so you have the means to get the best treatment when there are health problems.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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